Naegis Pharmaceuticals Inc. is an emerging biopharmaceutical company driven to discover new therapies that target the underlying chronic inflammation central to many diseases. Inspired by chemistry found in nature and focused on biochemical mechanisms involved in inflammatory diseases, the Naegis research team seeks to design new drugs that offer safer and more effective treatment options for patients. A privately owned, Vancouver-based company, Naegis established its R&D operations in 2010 with a program directed towards blocking the synthesis of inflammatory mediators called leukotrienes. Leukotrienes are known to be key mediators implicated in many inflammatory diseases including asthma, COPD, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, uveitis, diabetic retinopathy, and neuroinflammatory diseases, among others.

The company currently has programs in two specific areas: 1. 5-lipoxygenase (5-LO) inhibitors which may be effective for a number of inflammatory conditions including, among others, ocular inflammatory disorders such as uveitis, and 2. regulators of the LTAH4 enzyme for serious debilitating conditions such as COPD.
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