Naegis is attending ARVO 2024   May 5th 9th  |  Seattle

Our Pipeline

Our pipeline development focuses on eye diseases for which leukotrienes are believed to play an important role in driving inflammation and damage.  These include both front of the eye (anterior) and back of the eye (posterior) diseases as well as acute injury associated with inflammation and pain.

Our Mission

Naegis is driven to develop new therapies to improve the lives of patients with sight threatening eye diseases

Partnering: The Opportunities Beyond Eye Disease

Leukotrienes are known to have a role in many other inflammatory disease such as serious lung disease, cardiovascular disease and cancer, among others. Our core focus at this time is on ophthalmology. To access the broader opportunities for our proprietary compound library and multiple potential lead candidates, we are open to talking with companies who are interested in working with us to accelerate programs towards new treatments for other inflammatory diseases.