Business Strategy


Naegis seeks to apply funding from a combination of equity finance, government sources, and service revenues to advance proprietary R&D programs to key high value milestones and seek partnerships with larger pharmaceutical companies to progress programs through later stage development and on to commercialization.  The Company would consider partnerships at all stages of development including at early stages potentially providing downstream commercial rights in return for funding which can be dedicated to a specific project of interest to the partner. Naegis believes that this approach may allow for a faster and more efficient route to developing new, clinically effective compounds.  

Naegis has also enjoyed research collaborations which have served to add expertise and accelerate the advancement of its research.  The Company will continue to seek and evaluate collaboration opportunities that have potential to add value to its programs.

Naegis is committed to creating value through:

  • discovering and advancing proprietary molecules while applying a clinical focus to candidate optimization
  • focusing on disease areas of significant unmet medical need and of high interest to pharmaceutical companies
  • entering pharmaceutical partnerships to provide program funding and potential downstream revenues
  • establishing a pipeline of multiple product opportunities